People often ask me weather Im a wheelbuilder..or wheel manufacturer..the answer is both !!..and more...
As TWE is sold as a brand...and Im an importer..im deemed , legally, as a wheel manufacturer....but my roots stem from wheelbuilding...and Its what I do half the day.
Many brands of wheels are produced here and sold there....The directors of the companies are not wheelbuilders...and some probably dont ride bikes.
The sales person/people are not necesserily iaccountable for the finished product...which is fine..untill things go wrong.
At TWE I am the sole builder, seller, designer, repairer...whatever..TWE is me !...I am solely responsible for your wheels performance and longevity...and yes...Im an expert !
Im a fitter/machinist by trade..have played with bikes for 30 years..and actually ride one...well many.  
My aim is to produce wheels that simply give you more speed for your pedal stroke...I dont cut corners to churn wheels out faster..or cheaper...I dont have to...I dont have the pressures from accountants or bike companies that bigger names have. I patiently talk with customers , toss over ideas and then painstakingly build really nice wheels at online prices...with backup and service..and a crash replacement warranty..and ongoing discounts...what could be better than this ?
black on black 
1250g tubulars 
1225g wheelset 
blue highlights 
fully co-ordinate your bike 
matching perfectly 

58mm full carbon tubulars

Dt aerolite spokes- incl bib and jersey

only $1599

bright silver  
38mm shamal/clincher  
reverse sticker 
polished ano silver XR 380 

XR 380 track wheel

fastest alloy wheels in the world !